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New features
-> Enable/Disable WiFi, Mobile Data, Ringmode(Silent/ vibration/ ring), Bluetooth.
-> Set a deadline time for location reminder – so you get reminded even if you don’t visit that location.

Have you ever passed past your favorite grocery store on your way and forgotten that you were supposed to do some grocery shopping? Have you ever missed the chance to buy that favorite book or smartphone yet you were in the right place at the right time? If you have (and let’s be honest we have all experienced this at one time or the other), then the BeepMe! app is the solution to all your problems!

  • BeepMe! Is a user friendly reminder application.
  • The application gives you the power to set reminders that are pegged on your desired location. This is called a location beep.
  • You can also set the application to beep you and remind you of something at a specific time. This is called a time beep.
  • It is also important to highlight the spot finder option embedded in the app. This option allows you to tag a specific location for remembrance months or years in the future.

For example, some particular spot in the city may remind you of the first time you met your loved one. By using Spot finder, you can set a beep reminder that will alert you anytime you are near that spot.

Features of BeepMe!

1) Location reminder
The location reminder feature helps you know when you have either stepped into a particular location or stepped out of the boundary you have set on the app. This is useful for frequent travelers who want to know that they are in the right place. This will prevent you from getting lost and ending up miles away from your intended destination.

2) Time reminder
The time reminder feature makes sure that you will not miss an important appointment or meeting at home, work or elsewhere. This means that you can create a location beep at a specific time and date in your calendar, ensuring that you will not forget or be late when the appointed hour comes.

3) Spot Finder
The spot finder beep gives you the power and range to select a specific location that holds sentimental value to you. It could be your favorite gift shop or the place when you first met your loved one. You can configure your spot finder reminder in such a way that it will alert you on special days like your anniversary, birthday or discount days.

Never miss an appointment or special day again! Use BeepMe!

Notes & Tips for Location Beep
-> You can even select a specific address for a location like home, office, school
-> You can click on “View Map” to confirm that your selected area is correct.

Fine and Coarse Location – fetch location
Access network state – Check status of GPS and Network
Internet – To load maps
Phone state – Identify the device
Billing – For upgrades

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